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Edge Profiles

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A quartz benchtop in a kitchen

What to Choose

Those looking for “French Provincial” or “Farmers” style kitchen could choose a more detailed edge such as a lambs tongue or waterfall, while a more contemporary design is suited to a less detailed edge, e.g. 20mm/40mm square /pencil round edge for a sleek and modern look.

With more rounded edges such as bullnose and pencil, their designs are more forgiving and typically less susceptible to chipping compared to square arrised edges. More detailed edges such as waterfall and laminated edges contributed to an added cost, more than standard edges such as pencil round but add to a more dramatic look for those looking at elegant and timely designs.

Choosing The Right Edge Profile For Your Benchtop

Below are some of the most common edge profiles for kitchen benchtops and other stone works. Still not sure what might work best for your project? Talk to our team today for more information and suggestions

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20mm Bull Nose benchtop
20mm Bull Nose
A Pencil Nose Mitred
Pencil Nose Mitred
Pencil Round Laminated benchtop
Pencil Round Laminated
Half Bullnose Laminated benchtop
Half Bullnose Laminated
20mm Squared Edge
20mm Shark Nose
20mm Shark Nose
20mm Lambs Tongue benchtop
20mm Lambs Tongue
20mm Half Bullnose benchtop
20mm Half Bullnose

Sink Cutouts and Mounting

Talk to GBC about the best sink solution for your stone to avoid damage and unnecessary maintenance issues.

Softer stone types like marble are better suited to top mount sinks, which helps avoid chipping and scratching edges when moving or cleaning pots and pans.

Whereas, rebated and standard undermount sinks are more appropriate for harder materials like engineered quartz and granite due to their exceptional hardness and durability.

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A butlers sink in a kitchen
Butlers Sink
An undermount sink in a kitchen
Undermount Sink
A topmount sink in a kitchen
Topmount Sink
A rebated undermount sink
Rebated Undermount Sink
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